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In 2012 the ZA Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) appointed UniForm SA as the ZA Central Registry (ZACR). The ZACR is a non-profit organisation currently managing co.za and is working on migrating net.za, web.za and org.za to the ZA Central Registry over the next year. With over 860 000 registrations, the majority of South African domain names can be found in co.za. These names represent 95% of the total number of registrations in .ZA and a large percentage of ccTLD registrations for the entire African continent.

In June 2011 ICANN launched its ‘New gTLD Program’ calling for applicants to submit proposals to perform the registry function for, inter alia, the dotAfrica geographic Top Level Domain. Following an open and transparent RFP process, ZACR obtained the official endorsement of the African Union Commission to bid for the dotAfrica gTLD within ICANN’s New gTLD process. This is a milestone for Africa, as the .africa TLD will see the African continent establish a unique online identity using African-based technology for Africans by Africans.

Consistent with its strategic objective to expand the company’s footprint in South Africa and Africa, ZACR, with the support of the ZADNA and the Department of Communications, also submitted applications for the dotDurban, dotCapeTown and dotJoburg TLDs. This will enable key South African cities to compete with their international counterparts and, more especially, allow them to showcase the cities as destinations of choice within the tourism matrix. This will contribute to local content development, online branding and identity, and economic growth within the cities.

All four TLD applications are currently undergoing initial evaluation within ICANN’s Geographic Names Panel. The ZACR anticipates delegation as early as August 2013 with open delegation taking place by October 2013. In preparation for the launch of these TLDs, the ZACR is constantly engaging with the cities, the African Union Commission, South African and African Governments, ccTLD and registrar communities as well as end users. Over the next few months ZACR will embark on an extensive awareness, marketing and communications campaign to inform users about the transition of Second Level Domains Names to the Central Registry as well as registration policies applicable to the new TLDs.  It will comprise information about the following:  the Reserve Name Lists, Sunrise and Land Rush Policy, Premium Names Strategies, as well as the Mark Validation System (MVS) that it needs to implement in its role as the registry operator for the dotAfrica, dotDurban, dotCapeTown and dotJoburg TLDs.

Going forward, the ZACR and its partners will also collaborate on skills development, content development, ccTLD and registrar development in each of these projects on the African continent.

Application Status

When will .Joburg be available for registration?

.Joburg passed Initial Evaluation.

.Joburg TLD launch expected 1 March 2014.

Did you know?

While Johannesburg has a reputation as one of the most dangerous cities in the world, it takes an average of only 60 seconds for police to respond to a crime scene in the central business district (CBD). There is a CCTV system that covers every street corner and scanning vehicle licence plates.

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ZA Central Registry
ZA Central Registry

The ZA Central Registry (ZACR), formally known as UniForum SA, is a non-profit organisation responsible for the administration of the CO.ZA domain name space and other Second Level Domains in ZA. The ZACR has also submitted applications to ICANN for the administration of the .Africa, .CapeTown, .Durban and .Joburg Top Level Domains.

See: registry.net.za
ZA Domain Name Authority
ZA Domain Name Authority

The .ZA Domain Name Authority is the administrator and regulator of the .ZA country code Top Level Domain appointed in terms of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act.

See: zadna.org.za
Department of Communication
Department of Communications

“To create a vibrant ICT sector that ensures that all South Africans have access to robust, reliable, affordable and secure ICT services in order to advance socio-economic development goals and support the Africa agenda and contribute to building a better world”.

See: doc.gov.za
City of Joburg

Johannesburg is an extraordinary city, born just over 125 years ago – when one of the world’s richest gold-bearing reefs was discovered under the sweeping savannah plains. Ever since, Johannesburg has been a city of prospects, commerce and potential. Johannesburg in South Africa is the second largest city in Africa, with more than 3 million people calling this bustling metropolis home. Joburg, or Jozi as some prefer to call it, offers visitors an experience as unique and diverse as the city itself.

See: joburgtourism.com